Robert Gibbs Resigning as White House Spokesman to Spend More Time Lying in the Private Sector


Just when press conferences were getting fun again, Baghdad Bob ups and quits:

WASHINGTON (AP) — White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says he is resigning his job as the president’s chief spokesman.

Gibbs is leaving to become an outside political adviser to Obama and to give speeches in the private sector.

The change is to take effect in early February. No replacement has been immediately named.

Who should replace Gibbs? What’s Nathan Thurm doing these days?

At the next presser, expect Gibbs to vehemently deny his claim that he will leave his post next month.

Update: For anybody who’s depressed at the thought of not getting their daily Robert Gibbs fix, Michelle Malkin has a reminder that we’ll be seeing more of him because of this move, not less.

Author: Doug Powers

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