Egypt & the Obama Administration: Conflicting Media Reports

The Obama administration isn’t the only entity in DC that is conflicted over Egypt — so is the media.

First, CNN:


And then, ABC’s Jake Tapper:


Given many members of the Obama administration’s definition of “U.S. interests” I’m not prepared to consider Tapper’s report to be bad news just yet.

However, since the largely secular Muslim Brotherhood is partying like it’s 1499 over Mubarak’s resignation, Hezbollah’s happy and Ahmadinejad’s heralding a “new Mideast,” it’s probably not the best of news.

Biden seems thrilled too, but I think his euphoria has more to do with the fact he just found out they’re opening a new Home Depot in Wilmington.

Have you noticed a distinct lack of the media seeking out Israeli leadership and asking what they think of all this?

And here’s something if you need a good laugh-line to carry you into the weekend:

TOP DEM. OFFICIAL: “situation remains…delicate…but..this is a huge affirmation of the President’s leadership on the international stage”

The “top Dem official” has got to be referring to yesterday’s trip to Marquette to push the high speed internet initiative… right?

Author: Doug Powers

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