GOP Congressman Threatens to Defund Obama’s Teleprompter


A meanie Republican wants to take away the cape of Chris Matthews’ superhero. Are there larger issues at stake? Absolutely — but even still, this made me laugh just to picture the ensuing hilarity if TOTUS got repo’d for lack of funding:

Before Obama met the press, a first-term Republican congressman, Steve Womack, had prepared an amendment to a spending bill that would have denied federal funds for Obama’s use of a teleprompter. Republicans mock Obama, considered a gifted orator, as being over-reliant on the teleprompter when he speaks.

But… if you defund TOTUS you defund the presidency! Maybe that’s the idea. But if the teleprompter were defunded I’m positive that’s one thing Obama would agree to pay for out of his own pocket.

Predictably, the “progressives” have little to no sense of humor about this at all. If they’re pissed that somebody proposed unplugging TOTUS, imagine their outrage when Republicans cut the power to Obamacare.

Forget about TOTUS — how about defunding the Ted Kennedy shrine, which is set to squeeze more millions from taxpayers in coming weeks so the Kennedys can pat themselves on the back the way they always do: With somebody else’s money.

Author: Doug Powers

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