‘Fleebagging’ Spreads From Wisconsin to Indiana


Your chances of being run over by a fleeing Democrat have increased fifty-fold this month alone.

First, Wisconsin Democrats ran from the job they were elected to do, and now Indiana Democrats are following suit:

Seats on one side of the Indiana House were nearly empty today as House Democrats departed the the state rather than vote on anti-union legislation.

A source tells the Indianapolis Star that Democrats are headed to Illinois, though it was possible some also might go to Kentucky. They need to go to a state with a Democratic governor to avoid being taken into police custody and returned to Indiana.

So very gutsy and fearless in the face of reality, aren’t they?

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: Sometimes there just aren’t enough milk cartons

Update: Heh — Wisconsin Fleebaggers who want their paychecks will have to pick them up in person.