Wisconsin School District Docks Pay for Teachers Who Played Hookie to Protest

Welcome to the real world, Teach!

I take that back — in the real world the lot of ’em probably would have been fired for this stunt, but I do appreciate the irony: teachers skipped school to protest, ostensibly because they didn’t want to lose money… and doing so cost them money:

The Port Washington-Saukville School District will dock the pay of 82 teachers who skipped school last Thursday to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s budget bill in Madison, Supt. Michael Weber said Tuesday.

The absences, which left the district without about 43% of its teachers, essentially crippled the school system. Administrators were forced to close the high school 1-1/2 hours after students arrived because there weren’t enough teachers to staff classrooms.
The teacher absences shocked school officials and parents, who said they thought the Port Washington-Saukville School District would be the last place to experience a mass exodus of teachers because of the remarkably good relationship between the district and union.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, it’s “whiny liberal roundup time” as state troopers are trying to locate and bring back missing crybaby Democrats who are shirking their responsibilities.

Nice that the police are forced to focus their efforts on finding Fleebaggers instead of, you know, arresting rapists, child molesters and murderers, isn’t it?

31 Years Ago Today: The Miracle on Ice

Hard to believe it’s been 31 years since the Miracle on Ice. I was 13 years old and I remember the game wasn’t even aired live on TV — it was tape delayed — I watched it later in the afternoon. I suppose it was a given that the Russians would put the US through a wood chipper so there was no network clamor to air it live. But Russia’s easy win wasn’t to be, and the US won 4-3.

Legend has it that White House aides had tie Jimmy Carter to a chair to keep him from calling Leonid Brezhnev to apologize for the US victory.

Here’s the final minute of what for my money is the greatest moment in sports history:

‘New Civility’ Update: Dem Rep Urges Unions to ‘Get a Little Bloody’ in the Streets

At what point does this “new tone” start? For the left, never — for the rest of us it was supposed to start weeks ago.

Here’s the latest example of a liberal’s idea of toned-down rhetoric:

Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) fired up a group of union members in Boston with a speech urging them to work down in the trenches to fend off limits to workers’ rights like those proposed in Wisconsin.

“I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going,” Capuano said, according to the Dorchester Reporter. “Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”

It sounds like somebody needs an intervention at HW & Bubba’s National Institute for Civil Discourse.

Update: The civility just keeps on coming!

(h/t Michelle M)

‘Fleebagging’ Spreads From Wisconsin to Indiana


Your chances of being run over by a fleeing Democrat have increased fifty-fold this month alone.

First, Wisconsin Democrats ran from the job they were elected to do, and now Indiana Democrats are following suit:

Seats on one side of the Indiana House were nearly empty today as House Democrats departed the the state rather than vote on anti-union legislation.

A source tells the Indianapolis Star that Democrats are headed to Illinois, though it was possible some also might go to Kentucky. They need to go to a state with a Democratic governor to avoid being taken into police custody and returned to Indiana.

So very gutsy and fearless in the face of reality, aren’t they?

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: Sometimes there just aren’t enough milk cartons

Update: Heh — Wisconsin Fleebaggers who want their paychecks will have to pick them up in person.

Vail Daily Defends Low-Fat Honor of Michelle Obama’s Braised Ancho-Chile Short Rib Dinner

A lot of people have trouble understanding why some Americans who are being lectured on health and told why they should skip vacations make a fuss when those issuing the decrees violate them constantly. I often note the “for thee but not for me” hypocrisy too.

However, I didn’t say a word when Drudge linked to the fat content of short ribs, the meal that Michelle Obama reportedly ordered while on vacation with the kids in Vail — although it was tempting. Others, Rush Limbaugh for example, did say something.

But at the Vail Daily, somebody is defending Michelle’s low-cal honor:

VAIL, Colorado – Some conservative bloggers and talk-show hosts act like the short rib in Michelle Obama’s dinner entree was, like Adam’s, extracted from them personally.

The first lady, in Vail with her daughters and some friends for the Presidents Day weekend, dined at Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail Village Saturday night, enjoying a pickled pumpkin salad with arugula and a braised ancho-chile short rib with hominy wild mushrooms and sauteed kale.

So, of course, some people are taking the short view of the short rib.

A braised short rib is a relatively lean cut of beef, braised with most of the fat cooked off. The 5-ounce serving runs about 600 calories, Liken said — a far cry from the 1,500 calories and 141 grams of fat it’s accused of.

They’re not very lean according to this site.

But… according to that story, a day of skiiing can burn 6,000 calories, so no matter how high in fat and “pounding at your heart with the fist of God” cholesterol-laden the meal was, FLOTUS has got this meal burned off already, so back off wingnuts!


‘Dead Voters Walking!’ — Chicago Votes for Mayor Today; Updated

It’s probably too much to hope for that “the crackhead” wins, isn’t it?

Today’s the day Chicagoans both past and present select a new leader, but Rahm’s got such a comfortable lead that maybe the dead can remain sleeping:

With the 82nd anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre safely behind them, Chicagoans will go to the polls today to — probably — pick the next mayor of the hometown political base of the president of the United States.

The city’s voters will mainly be choosing between: Rahm Emanuel, former local political machine gofer, Bill Clinton money man, representative and Barack Obama’s initial chief of staff; and Gery Chico, former Board of Education head and chief of staff to the retiring 68-year-old Mayor Richard M. Daley. The Daley family has controlled the fifth-floor City Hall office (and so much more in the toddling town) for 43 of the last 56 years.

The Chicago-DC loop will probably be shored up even more by the end of the day.

If Rahm Emanuel wins, he’ll be delivering an acceptance speech sometime tonight from his home in Washingt — I mean… Chicago. Definitely Chicago.

Update: As surprising as finding an error on Charlie Rangel’s tax return: Emanuel wins.

Want to Re-Enact a Barack & Michelle Date Night Dinner?

Me neither — but one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants in DC is offering exactly what the Obama’s had when they went out for FLOTUS’s birthday.

Obviously the food is healthy and low-fat, consistent with the “Let’s Move” health campaign.

Just kidding. Here’s what you’ll get for $85 a person:

First Course
Spicy Tuna Tartare, Sesame-Miso Cones, Shaved Bonito, Tobiko

Second Course
Dim Sum Platter: “Tiny Dumplings,” Scallop & Shrimp Sui Mai, Organic Chicken & Wild Field Mushroom Dumplings, Crystal Garlic Chive Dumplings

Third Course
Whole Wok-Fired Lobster, Chinese Garlic Sauce Prime Filet, Smoked Onion Chili Sauce

Fourth Course
15-Layer Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese, Candied Walnuts, Ginger Ice Cream Chocolate Tasting

For an extra $20 per person Reggie Love will personally dab your chin and hold your Blackberry while you take a leak.

I ran across this comment at Free Republic: “I’d rather have the Bill Clinton date night fare: A pepperoni pizza and a pair of kneepads.”

The Non-Apology Apology of the Day Courtesy of John Kerry

It’s Presidents Day, and do you know what that means? Well, sure, mattress sales — but this is also a day where I look around at some of the people who might have ended up as president but thankfully never did.

Tied at the top of the list with Al Gore and Mike Dukakis is John Thurston Kerry III, who squared off with some angry constituents on Saturday, mostly over the war in Afghanistan.

But check out this non-apology apology to a women who was insulted by the name Senator Thurston-Kerry called global warming skeptics:

Anti-war protesters interrupted Kerry numerous times Saturday as he met with constituents. Kerry apologized to a woman who said he called her a Neanderthal for not believing in global warming. The Democratic Party’s 2004 presidential candidate said he was referring generally to those who do not believe in global warming.

“I didn’t call you specifically a Neanderthal; I simply implied that you fit right in among a group of people who are Neanderthals — and I served in Vietnam.”

Really, should this guy be calling anybody a Neanderthal?



Site note: There was something in a post I wrote yesterday that was driving the site crazy, so I deleted the post and it looks like all is well now. Let me know if you notice any problems!

Call in Sick to Your Wisconsin Teaching Job and Need a Doctor’s Note? No Problem

Ah, the great lessons on civics, morality and ethics that Wisconsin teachers are imparting on school kids this month…


That photo is linked from this Tweet from a pro-union person at the rally, who writes, “Group of doctors here signing notes for absent teachers.” Nice.

I think we’ve found our first Obamacare czars — ones who put the new Hippocratic Oath of “First do no harm to the union” first and foremost.

Can any of you Tea Partiers out there please get one of those notes so these “doctors” can be stripped of their licenses? That is, if they’re doctors at all. (In comments, “annoytheleft” says the writing is way too legible for these to be actual doctors — heh)

Update: Michelle M. has one of the doctor’s notes for fake sick teachers here. Diagnosis: Malignant Hope & Change — Prescription: More taxpayer money.

(h/t Freep)