Danny Glover to the Rescue of Indiana Unions


If unions are trying to win sympathy, dragging Marxist, commie-hugging actors into the fray to side with them won’t do much to sway public opinion in their favor:

Actor and activist Danny Glover has urged labor union members protesting at the Indiana Statehouse to stand in solidarity against what he called an organized campaign attacking American workers.

Several hundred union members cheered Monday as the star of the “Lethal Weapon” action movies told the protesters they are part of a nationwide battle to stop a “vicious attack” to take more from the middle class.

Anybody else find it odd that the actor who claims to be fighting for American organized labor has a king-size man crush on Hugo Chavez, the guy who runs a country where union leaders are imprisoned for organizing strikes and the “wrong kind” of union activists somehow manage to turn up dead? Rank-and-file American labor might want to think twice before applauding Danny Glover’s world view and asking for the same thing to be brought to the United States.

And speaking of “taking more from the middle class,” the middle class is invited to see Glover’s latest movie… for $9.50 each and another $25 for popcorn and soda.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

Author: Doug Powers

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