Joyanna Adams: Sitting in for the Powerful Wizard of Wit

Chris Matthews: It’s Groundhog Tinkle Day!  Nobody Knows which one of these three men would actually be picked to be a car bomber if they were in a police lineup, based just on his looks.
Look carefully now: If you picked the black man…you would be a racist according to our Attorney General, Eric Holder, but you also would be right.
The other two are well known political Ferrymen: Newt Gingrich and Chris Matthews. Chris is so upset that Newt is thinking about running for President, that he gave the best philosophical pinky-headed, razor-focused reason he could think of for why Newt should NOT run—based on his vast knowledge and astute criteria for picking a United States President….which is usually based on tinkle feelings in his legs.
He said this on his program:


MATTHEWS: But he looks like a car bomber. He looks like a car bomber. Clarence, he looks like a car bomber. (He was talking to some guy named Clarence) He’s got that crazy Mephistophelian grin of his. He looks like he loves torturing. Look at the guy! I mean this, this is not the face of a president.

Now…look again carefully: Which man looks, based on just the face, like a man who loves to torture? I’ll give you a hint: Look for ‘tinkling eyes”
There is a good reason Chris Matthews is losing ratings, and this is just one of the many we have to tinkle about.