TURN RIGHT HERE! The Power is Back!

Nobody Cares about what Hollywood thinks anymore…but right now they seem to be losing patience with the great man they all got out of their private jets and limousines for. It was hard work, but they somehow managed it. Obama didn’t stop the wars, he didn’t close Guantanamo, and he has yet to throw a big White House shindig for the “other” Hollywood that worked so hard to get him elected. Stevie Wonder is hogging all the best parties. I suggest they all get dreadlocks–they looked pretty good on Joe Biden.

 So, what do you do when you don’t get payback? You complain along with the rest of us!

Matt Damon complained that Obama doesn’t even say the word ‘poverty.’ Just wait till he finds out that the word “terrorist” has been banned too.
What? You mean Matt Damon is NOT Jason Bourne?
Matt said he stopped believing in the “audacity,” which makes no sense because that’s actually Obama’s best feature….his audacity to continually do what he wants, despite the law.
Barbara Streisand must have more pull than Matt, because she complained to Larry King that Obama had not used his executive powers to get rid of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” And…right away, Obama took care of it. Babs had to leave the country to get him to know she was serious. She didn’t want to be around in the elections due to the ‘bloodbath.’
Funny, Obama also left the country during the 2010 “bloodbath.” Maybe they secretly met up and he gave in to her immense powers.
(Oh..no..I did NOT go there.)

Spike Lee
was upset about how he handled the Gulf Oil Spill. The audacity.

Angelina Jolie
got mad at him for letting over 300,000 people be murdered in Darfur. The nerve.
George Clooney had to actually stick up for George W. Bush’s work on aids.
It’s getting bad.
And Robert Redford told MSNBC that the voters sent Obama to Washington to be a bold and visionary leader. “We don’t need a disaster-manager,” the actor said. “We need a leader.” Mr. Redford was expecting him to ban all cars, and most of the people…he was sorely let down.
This brings me to my own little quirk that has been bothering me for quite some time that has nothing to do with politics: humor me.
I could swear, after watching almost all of Robert Redford’s movies and Brad Pitt’s movies, that Brad Pitt is Robert Redford’s kid. I mean, next time you see them…compare. Really, the resemblance is creepy.
Why do I say this? Because Redford, some time ago, used to hang around the Ozarks in Missouri. Robert used to come and give talks at this exclusive hotel in the Ozarks , promoting his environmental issuers. I worked at that hotel, and there WERE rumors…the he had a girlfriend not far away and that’s why he was always there.
Brad Pitt is from Springfield, Missouri. According to Wiki-Leaks (I mean, Wikipedia ) he has a mom, Jane Etta, and a dad…named William Alvin Pitts.
I’d like to see a picture of his real dad.
Remember, his first real big movie was, “A River Runs through it ” with…guess who? Robert Redford. Lots of good looking guys go to Hollywood to make it big. Not many score such a big movie in such short time. And only one in a million look like Robert Redford’s son.
I can’t believe I have to do The National Enquirer’s work for them.
Hey, we’ll never know Hollywood’s secrets, but if they are going to keep picking these losers for Presidents, there is no reason we, (Okay…me) can’t have fun speculating, right?
So, hey Brad…where’s the birth-DNA- tested certificate?
We could always use another Jeremiah Johnson.
(Nobody made this up for fun. )
P.S. Notice that nowhere in this essay did I put Obama’s name in color, proving once again, that tea party people are NOT racists.
Whew! This was my last post for the omniscient, incomparably brilliant parodist, Doug Powers. I just wanted to say, that Mr. Powers is not only the best wit around, he is a real patriot, a kind soul, and a wonderful mentor, who keeps encouraging me to be myself, despite the obvious danger he put himself into, when asking me to “babysit’ his blog.
That took…true courage. Thank you Mr. Powers…it was an honor.
And as Rick would say in signboard style: WE HAVE MISSED YOU DOUG…WELCOME HOME!
Nobody will always remembers Doug’s readers: —You guys and gals are the best. Thanks for putting up with all my silly pictures!
Now…turn right here: Joyanna Adams…signing off: 
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