Trump a ‘Committed Republican’?

Donald Trump, possible candidate for president, has reiterated that he is a “committed Republican.”

Last month I wrote about how 60% of Trump’s campaign donations to political candidates have gone to Democrats, many of them far left libs.

Here’s how Trump explains to Republicans why this isn’t a bad thing:

Trump makes no apologies for the contributions, acknowledging in a HUMAN EVENTS exclusive that he’s amiable with Reid, Schumer, and Kerry. “I will tell you they are all friends of mine. That’s an asset, really an asset, because when I look at the conflict going on with everybody in Washington, it’s like deadlock. And I’ve known these people for many years. They’ve been friends of mine, and you have to remember that I come from a very Democratic state.”

Make you more comfortable with him, fellow conservatives? Didn’t think so. He sounds a little like John McCain on steroids.

“Elect me because I can forge alliances with Reid, Schumer and Kerry!” No thanks, Donald — we already have a president who does that.

Author: Doug Powers

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