St. Patrick’s Day: The Bar is Open


My favorite holiday of the year is upon us, but I can’t say that without acknowledging those who are working the hardest today: cabbies and bail bondsmen. This is the day my people, and many others in solidarity, try to live up to Michael Bloomberg’s stereotype.

As usual, every St. Patrick’s Day there are eco-weenies telling us how to make our parties environmentally friendly.

Here are my suggestions on how to “green” your St. Patrick’s Day celebration:

–Vomit only in a re-usable burlap bag, and if possible share your bag with others
–Use spinach to make your beer green instead of earth-unfriendly artificial dyes
–Insist police drive you to jail in a hybrid vehicle
–Change the lock on Al Gore’s private jet so he can’t use it

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Update: President Obama met with Ireland’s Prime Minister and “discussed how Ireland will bounce back from economic turmoil.”

Hopefully for Ireland’s sake that discussion was about doing the exact opposite of what Obama does here.

By the way, some of Obama’s Irish relatives aren’t fans of his politics.

Author: Doug Powers

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