Steve Inskeep is the co-host of NPR’s Morning Edition, and he had a column in the WSJ’s Opinion Journal yesterday defending public funding of the network. Inskeep also talks about about how NPR’s popularity has grown and how conservatives are also a part of its audience.

I listen to NPR from time to time, especially when I’m out for a walk and there are no baseball, football, basketball or hockey games on the radio. But whether or not I personally listen doesn’t have anything to do with my opinion on why taxpayers shouldn’t be funding the network.

When someone argues his or her support for funding NPR by reminding people how huge its audience is, do they realize they’re doing little but pointing out why taxpayer dollars should not be given to NPR? If it’s as popular as they say it is, the network should be able to survive on its own in the free market like most other media outlets. And if it still can’t, so what?

If Inskeep wants to develop some sympathy from me for maintaining public funding of NPR, he’ll need to come up with a better sob story than “Because we have millions of affluent listeners of all political stripes who have tremendous buying power.”


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  1. swede on March 25th, 2011 11:34 am

    "This week on Car Talk, driving over a bowling ball is not good for your car, but it sure makes for a great story, especially when it happens in front of a topless bar."

    Saturday mornings, Click and Clack the tappet brothers are a riot. Always good for some belly laughs. A very good program that can and does stand on its own in the market. Sans public funding, real world programming decisions would have to be made, and the Ideological drivel would have to go.

    Maybe Air America could pick up their progressive agenda. Oh wait, Air America went under – average .02% market share. Huh. Could it be no one wants to hear it?

  2. Marshall_Will on March 25th, 2011 11:59 am

    "especially when I’m out for a walk and there are no baseball, football, basketball or hockey games"

    ( Or no JV Dodgeball tournaments? ) Can you say "sports NUT"!?

    Guys I've called everyday this week demanding a RETRACTION from "Wait, wait'… don't tell me!" for the hack job they did on MM, and as you'd suspect… [crickets] So much for "being 'responsive' to their listenership huh? (202) 513-3247. Must be someone else's 'turn'?

    For the limo-lib set, 'their' securing public funding for NPR is the Ultimate Inside Joke. Guess who it's 'on'?

  3. Marshall_Will on March 25th, 2011 12:34 pm

    Stumbled on this and it is very sad. Local OPB ( Oregon Public Broadcasting ) radio host killed in a head-on accident.

    With all due respect to the family, the Comments removed by admin. might have been telling? If she was a longtime Portland resident..? Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

  4. Marshall_Will on March 25th, 2011 12:52 pm

    As found in blogad atop 'this' very page! ( Just goes to show ya' how sneaky these b@stards are! )


  5. Clu Seatoe on March 25th, 2011 1:34 pm

    Just read it. Definitely not the whole story.

    As clear as Knut’s necropsy — a “brain problem”.

  6. Marshall_Will on March 25th, 2011 3:03 pm


    Again, what with 'we'/Michelle has/IS going thru, I want to exercise all the caution and courtesy in the -world- here.

    Still, there are questions. Questions 'someone' is going to have to answer? For anyone that lives on the West-side, those off ramps are well known hazards. Several of our MD's are up that way and the sheer amount of scrapes on the barricades ( complete w/ chrome headlight rings and hubcaps galore! ) is anything but a "secret".

    Nowhere in the article does it mention she was a "newcomer" to Portland. Nor does the article mention what 'time' of day the accident took place? 'My' experience is that, the Northwest "Labyrinth"can easily… lead you to an Intersection you don't wanna' BE… ( but hard to imagine going the Wrong Way!!! ) There were several comments taken down, all I'm saying at this point.

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