Saturday ‘Earth Hour’ Open — Update: Geraldine Ferraro, RIP

I’ve got a couple dozen things to take care of this morning, including getting my son a haircut he doesn’t want (this is gonna be fun!), so feel free to talk amongst yourselves for a little while.

Possible topic: Remember the controversial school shooting drill in Iowa where the hypothetical perps were to be, of course, bitter clingers unhappy with illegals pouring over the border? Well, don’t worry, because that drill was canceled. Why? Because of a real shooting threat at the school.

And try not to miss my manifesto over at Michelle’s place about how I’m going to celebrate Earth Hour tonight. I hope you can join me.

Update: Former congresswoman and the first female veep candidate, Geraldine Ferraro, has died. Predictably, about four seconds after that news was announced, the Westboro Cult freaks announced plans to picket her memorial.

Update II: As predictably as the sun rising in the east, it didn’t take some on the left long to use Ferraro’s death to bash Palin. Keep it classy!

Speaking of actual class, Sarah Palin released a statement about Ferraro’s passing, and didn’t use the occasion to remind everyone that Ferraro herself was the victim of Hopey-Changey rage in 2008.

Update III: Earth Hour is halfway through now and all my lights are shining so bright that I’m going to end up paying an Obamacare tanning tax, but it’s a small price to pay to honor electricity.

Paging Michelle Obama: Study Says Regular Churchgoers More Likely to be Obese

Watch out, churchgoers — “Let’s Move” now has all the excuse it needs to give you a mandatory pinch with MO’s BMI calipers during eucharist, courtesy of this study:

It might be the potlucks, it might be those long hours sitting in pews, but whatever the cause, a new study presented this week shows a link between religious activity and weight gain.

The study, conducted by researchers at Northwestern University, found that young adults who frequently attended religious activities were far more likely to become obese than those who didn’t.

“Our main finding was that people with a high frequency of religious participation in young adulthood were 50 percent more likely to become obese by middle age than those with no religious participation in young adulthood,” says Matthew Feinstein, the study’s lead investigator and a fourth-year medical student at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

According to the study, those who attended a religious function at least once a week were more likely to be obese — which might help explain why our devoutly Christian president is so skinny.

This findings of the study do nothing to explain the likes of Michael Moore, however.

Sarah Palin Threatens Violence Against ‘Mosquito’ Bill Maher


The title of this post is what I predict will be the headline from certain MSM outlets when they report on Sarah Palin’s newest Facebook entry concerning media bias.

In her post, Palin opens by addressing Bill Maher calling her a “dumb twat” the other day in a way that contains more class than Maher deserves, but is effective nonetheless:

Upon my return from an outstanding and productive trip to India and Israel, I’ve been inundated with requests to respond to petty comments made in the media the past few days, including one little fella’s comment which decent people would find degrading. (I won’t bother responding to it though, because it was made by he who reminds me of an annoying little mosquito found zipped up in your tent; he can’t do any harm, but buzzes around annoyingly until it’s time to give him the proverbial slap.)

Now that’s going to get the “new tone” bunch in a snit — and I fully expect NOW to finally come to the defense of… Maher.

When NPR Defenders Punch Holes in Their Own Arguments

Steve Inskeep is the co-host of NPR’s Morning Edition, and he had a column in the WSJ’s Opinion Journal yesterday defending public funding of the network. Inskeep also talks about about how NPR’s popularity has grown and how conservatives are also a part of its audience.

I listen to NPR from time to time, especially when I’m out for a walk and there are no baseball, football, basketball or hockey games on the radio. But whether or not I personally listen doesn’t have anything to do with my opinion on why taxpayers shouldn’t be funding the network.

When someone argues his or her support for funding NPR by reminding people how huge its audience is, do they realize they’re doing little but pointing out why taxpayer dollars should not be given to NPR? If it’s as popular as they say it is, the network should be able to survive on its own in the free market like most other media outlets. And if it still can’t, so what?

If Inskeep wants to develop some sympathy from me for maintaining public funding of NPR, he’ll need to come up with a better sob story than “Because we have millions of affluent listeners of all political stripes who have tremendous buying power.”

‘Make Love, Not Kinetic Military Action!’

The above will have to suffice for an anti-war slogan in the Obama era:

In the last few days, Obama administration officials have frequently faced the question: Is the fighting in Libya a war? From military officers to White House spokesmen up to the president himself, the answer is no. But that leaves the question: What is it?

In a briefing on board Air Force One Wednesday, deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes took a crack at an answer. “I think what we are doing is enforcing a resolution that has a very clear set of goals, which is protecting the Libyan people, averting a humanitarian crisis, and setting up a no-fly zone,” Rhodes said. “Obviously that involves kinetic military action, particularly on the front end.”

Rhodes’ words echoed a description by national security adviser Tom Donilon in a briefing with reporters two weeks ago as the administration contemplated action in Libya. “Military steps — and they can be kinetic and non-kinetic, obviously the full range — are not the only method by which we and the international community are pressuring Gadhafi,” Donilon said.

Sources tell me that if the situation in Libya escalates, it will then be referred to as “kinetic military action with kung-fu grip.”

Incidentally, this particular kinetic military action has the lowest approval of any Gallup-polled kinetic military action ever. It might have something to do with the absence of an entrance strategy let alone an exit strategy and the fact that Obama said Kaddafi had to go one day, then he could stay the next. Decisiveness? You bet.

There’s a new movie coming out revolving around this topic — might be interesting:


Part of John McCain in ‘Game Change’ is Cast

Liberal actress Julianne Moore has already been selected to play the part of Sarah Palin in the movie from a screenplay adapted by a liberal and directed by a liberal, but that’ll be balanced out now because the part of John McCain is going to an actor who is, well, a liberal. Now that’s a well-balanced team.

Hollywood Reporter:

Four-time Academy Award nominee Ed Harris has been cast as presidential candidate John McCain in HBO’s upcoming film, Game Change.

HBO Films and Everyman Pictures’ Game Change follows McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, from his controversial selection of Palin as his running mate to their ultimate defeat in the general election.

The parts of Bill, Hillary and the Obamas have yet to be cast, but Tiger Woods should definitely in the running to play Barack circa 2008.

I’m expecting the libs to include a scene featuring Sarah Palin nearly going insane after handlers put her in a round room and tell her to sit in the corner, but I’ve heard they might also include a realistic and torrid love scene between John McCain and Russ Feingold.

A Deceased Man’s Final Request

Last summer, a Nevada woman campaigned against Harry Reid from the great beyond, and this week a recently deceased Texas man isn’t letting death get in the way of his battle against Hope & Change:

A Woodlands man has found a way to campaign against President Barack Obama from his grave.

Jim Harrison’s life ended Feb. 27 from cancer, but Harrison’s political views are alive and well. The last line of Harrison’s obituary reads:

In lieu of flowers, at Jim’s request, please make a donation to ANYONE running against Barack Hussein Obama or the American Cancer Society.”

“He was an avid Republican and just took that to the grave with him. Just enjoyed it. Kind of a parting shot,” said John Rundlof, Harrison’s stepson.

Unlike dead Chicago Democrats, however, Mr. Harrison won’t end up actually voting next November… unfortunately.

(h/t JWF)

13 Illegals Arrested Wearing US Military Uniforms


According to Janet Napolitano, the border is as secure as it’s ever been, but almost every day we’re reminded why J-Nap isn’t even qualified to be a cashier at Borders if she actually believes that. Here’s the latest reminder:

Border Patrol agents recently arrested 13 illegal immigrants disguised as U.S. Marines and riding in a fake military van, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday.

The illegal immigrants were clad in Marine uniforms when they were apprehended at the Campo Border Patrol Westbound I-8 checkpoint at 11 p.m. on March 14 near Pine Valley, Calif., border officials said. Two U.S. citizens in the van also were arrested.

What gave them away? It probably didn’t help that the phony uniforms of all these geniuses just happened to be wearing were all sporting the same name:

All of the vehicle’s occupants wore U.S. Marine uniforms, reportedly emblazoned with the name “Perez.”

Hey, they’re illegals, not rocket scientists. If they were rocket scientists they all would have had the same German name.

The authorities should leave them dressed as Marines and haul them up to Berkeley — that’d be one way to get the freeze-dried Bay Area moonbats to finally want to get rid of illegals — albeit unwittingly.