One or more of the doofuses on The View borrowed Whoopi’s race card in order to add some racial overtones to yesterday’s royal wedding. “Where are the black people?” I don’t quite know what they’re trying to say here, and neither do they, but whatever it is, there weren’t enough black people there, and the […]

Gloria Allred continues to bring class and dignity to her profession. Sports Grid: Yesterday, we told you about an unknown Major League Baseball coach who shouted gay slurs at a fan, then threatened him with a baseball bat in front his children. Well, it turns out that coach is Roger McDowell of the Atlanta Braves. […]

Think Progress didn’t even wait until the funerals of the victims were over before trying to shamelessly politicize a weather event that has now killed over 300 people while trying to lead “deniers” to believe they had it coming: They do mention the storms were the worst “in decades,” but don’t seem interested to ask […]

The CBS News and MSNBC fact checkers were hard at work once again this week… mowing their lawns or something. From Newsbusters: On Wednesday’s CBS Evening News, outgoing anchor Katie Couric began the broadcast by declaring: “It was an extraordinary moment, President Obama went on national television today and did what no other president has […]

Nancy Pelosi’s website is trumpeting her opinion that US taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize Big Oil because they’re making record profits. Fair enough… provided that Republicans insist on the exact same thing when it comes to ending Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer subsidies because of their record profits. Any takers on the Hill?

Donald Trump wants to look at Barack Obama’s school grades. According to the uber-objective alleged journalist Bob Schieffer, that’s an “ugly strain of racism.” I wish I would have thought of that one when I was in school and my parents asked about my grades. “What did you get in social studies?” “Racist!” Take it […]

The president has advised Americans to trade in those gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicles. As evidenced by Obama’s motorcade yesterday in New York on East 61st street in Manhattan, I think he wants America to get rid of those gas guzzlers so he can include them in his impressively sized Hope & […]

Okay, those things didn’t happen, but at least a lot of people forgot about them for five minutes this morning. You might have heard that the White House released President Obama’s birth certificate as part of “Operation Try to Get Trump to STFU.” I’m actually happy about it. No, it won’t put a stop to […]

Leon Panetta? The former Clinton Chief of Staff and current Director of Intelligence who told Congress that his prediction that Hosni Mubarak would step down was based on media reports? That Leon Panetta? Call me crazy, but a good Intelligence Director shouldn’t have to read the New York Times. In any case, that’s the same […]

Maybe this will shut up those friggin’ birther losers. Not only does Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate (BOLFBC) exist, but it’s got it’s own Twitter account. BOLFBC has a pretty good sense of humor, too: Gateway Pundit points out that BOLFBC is following Bill Ayers, TelePrompter Obama, Communist Party USA and Malcolm X — […]

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