It’s that day of the year that I’ll be once again hoping President Obama goes on TV and yells “April Fool,” finally revealing that it’s all been an elaborate joke — but unfortunately I doubt that’s going to happen.

One story I’ve noticed a lot of outlets passing along is Paul Bedard’s article at US News about the Pentagon spending $600,000 on a “gurgling toad statue” (no, not a tribute to Henry Waxman, but an actual toad). I thought that Bedard mentioning April 1st in the article along with a photo of the “piece of art” that looks like a dime store knick-knack was a dead giveaway that it’s an April Fool’s joke.

However, part of the challenge of April Fool these days is that, thanks to the slapstick nature of modern-day politics and PC, it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake (with the exception of the contents of bikini tops on Malibu beaches).

What leads me to assume the story is fake is that it seems to me that the government would have spent way more than $600,000 for this:


That just has to be an April Fools joke, right? Maybe, but check out this proposal page. Click on “sculpture image” under the name Cheryl Foster. There’s our ugly toad.

Oh, and Google’s also got their annual April Fool feature up: Gmail Motion BETA. Or maybe it’s real. I just can’t tell the difference anymore.


4 Responses to “April Fools Day: Real or Not Real?”

  1. Marshall_Will on April 1st, 2011 11:48 am

    Then there's the piles and piles of Unresolved/Unresolvable Issues you can't get to the BOTTOM of simply because when exposed to the disinfecting light of day, they suddenly become obscure. Undefinable and purposely muddled.

    Like Birth Certificates say for instance? The Dupe Of The Left only need 'work' long enough to provide sufficient elbow room for Plausible Deniability, AND… they're moving on! Those of us defiant enough to request simple pause for reflection ( or even ask if we can turn it upside down to see where it's MADE? ) are derided instantly and permanently.

    Had enough? Oh and HAFD all! Finally got to the bottom of Daughter #1's BC issues last night at the In-laws 32nd! Anniversary! ( Congrats to them! ) The ahem, 'deficiency' surrounds the fact that OR DMV claims the BC says U.S Naval HOSPITAL, -not- "U.S Navy". True story. Should I go to the paper on this? Curious for input.

  2. Marshall_Will on April 1st, 2011 12:20 pm

    Oh, normally wouldn't have caught it but last night at the kid's, they had "Parks & Recreation" on. ( No cable, HDTV ant. ) Unfunny, but spot-on.

    The skit surrounded -incompetent- and desperately CLINGING public employees obviously unfit for the private sector. Frantically trying to justify their existence, they set about promoting yet -another- useless, unremarkable "festival". Comedy doesn't ensue.

    But Truth does! Their boob and half of a "manager" ( turns out ) has left a TRAIL of bankrupted towns in his wake.., but STILL he manages to salvage his job!? Loved the portrayal of people who's lives have become so complex of their OWN making, just holding down a 9 to 5 pushes them to the breaking point! Even Amy Poehler ( they don't come any cuter than THAT! ) can't save this. But 'somebody' had to expose this, and I'm glad they DID. Why would NBC provide a playbook for the Right? Have the run out of Left-leaning characters? Hmm….

  3. Marshall_Will on April 1st, 2011 12:38 pm

    Now THERE'S a great April Fool's joke! Lol.

    Great writing. It's tough to "stay in character" for that length of time. I will say I tried Doug's "but check out this proposal page." link, to disastrous results? Shut down my Browser and gave me that "End Now/Cancel" Windows pop-up.

    No fault of Mr. Powers you understand! Speaks volumes as to the very topic he was discussing. Personally, I don't recco' anyone go that route just out of curiousity. The page was basically 404/non-functional. I'll try again later. For a goof.

  4. imoforpcs on May 2nd, 2017 3:42 pm

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