In Wisconsin on Saturday, the state unions reception committee was out in full force.

Here’s a union greeter welcoming Sarah Palin to Madison — chivalry is not dead:

This one’s even better. A 14 year old girl was on stage speaking at a Tea Party rally while an obviously really tough guy politely reminded her that she should have been home studying instead of out on the town on a Saturday:

Shouting obscenities at a 14 year old girl — he’ll be bragging about that one around the union hall water cooler for the next few weeks.

In regards to the first video, Dan Riehl uses enhanced audio to explore the rumor that the yelling man is none other than Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs.

Update: More respectful behavior: Booing during the National Anthem.

Come on, Tea Party — if you want to get the lefties on board and gladly singing along, play this one instead:

(h/t Gateway Pundit)


14 Responses to “Wisconsin Tea Party: Union Reception Committee in Action”

  1. TheZooKeeper on April 18th, 2011 1:18 pm

    All this civility is going to get someone hurt.

  2. tommy651 on April 18th, 2011 2:01 pm

    does anyone think obama's speech in arizona was a cover for all the uncivil political discourse by his supporters since he made the speech.

  3. Fuzzlenutter on April 18th, 2011 2:07 pm

    I, for one, hope these degenerate parasites keep it up. The Obama/union/Socialist-lovin' MSM can't keep their vile words and actions from the American people forever…

  4. SignPainterGuy on April 18th, 2011 4:29 pm

    It`s encouraging to me that the left has reached this point…in the sense that , anyone who`s paying attention at all can`t help but see how rabid and dangerous the left is becoming !! They can`t keep it hidden much longer !

  5. Marshall_Will on April 18th, 2011 2:53 pm

    Take a gander at the videos linked below and let me know if you think Portland, OR ranks Higher, Lower or About the Same on the 'Civility' front? What a sorry joke.

  6. SignPainterGuy on April 18th, 2011 4:21 pm


    Still in "protect the new hard drive" mode…..just can`t bring myself to click PLAY on these beyond-vulgar / -stupid vids. 😕
    OUR idea of "civility" is so different from the left, they`d no doubt say Portland is gettin` w/ the program !
    We`d say nuthin` short of lye soap would clean those mouths !

  7. Marshall_Will on April 18th, 2011 4:55 pm


    Good one! Kind of says it all. They were right off our local Fox-affiliate ( KPAM 860 AM here in Portland ) But you get the idea. At one point one of The Rabid Left openly tells the camera "I wipe my @ss w/ the American Flag every night!"

    Well then LEAVE dipsh!t ! Lots of middle fingers and blubbering incoherent "statements". No doubt we were disappointed by the Tea turnout, but I'm telling you, even as an Oregonian, it was truly miserable weather. Just awful.

    The other thing is, while Portland is as Unhinged as it 'gets', most of our Conserv's are from the Burbs. There was a -huge- pile up going into the city and it was all over the radio. But I agree, the more Moderate Americans SEE of this rabid bunch ( the better! )

  8. SignPainterGuy on April 18th, 2011 5:02 pm


    I did hear about the desecration of the flag issue. Spotted it at Weasel Zippers I think. Scrolled on by, assuming it was from the ME. Surprised me to learn soon after that an american did it. (small "a" intentional)

  9. Marshall_Will on April 18th, 2011 5:40 pm

    (small "a" intentional)

    And deserved I might add. There's Delusional and then there's PORTLAND delusional! Jeez. Any wonder I quit working Downtown? They're a dime a dozen down there.

    The young gals are incredibly foul-mouthed. Truthfully, I wished they'd have staged the TP Rally just about anywhere but Downtown. Whatever you're 'for' they can manage to find 10 unemployable j@rkwads that are 'against' it. WHY!

  10. Steve on April 18th, 2011 4:03 pm

    THANK YOU for posting this! Your homepage rocks!!!

    Common Cents

  11. Clu Seatoe on April 18th, 2011 4:39 pm
  12. Scott B on April 18th, 2011 5:53 pm

    I live about 45 minutes east of Madison. These videos are EXACTLY why I did not bring my 5 year old to the rally.

    It's WAY too much "tolerance" for my kid.

  13. SignPainterGuy on April 18th, 2011 8:01 pm

    Good Dad !

  14. SignPainterGuy on April 19th, 2011 2:04 pm

    Look at the upper vid screen shot……"Unhinged Lunatics-.." Mr Grand Canyon Mouth" looks for the world like the typical "Albore About to Blow a Gasket" photo !