Some people in the Chinese leadership hierarchy don’t do a very good job of hiding how they feel:


How did this guy avoid getting a job at Newsweek?

In any case, if communism, forced abortions and imprisoned dissidents are complexities of an enlightened society, give me simple any day of the week.


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  1. Clu Seatoe on May 12th, 2011 3:15 pm

    Simple enough to know not to go on camera with a bad rug?

  2. Marshall_Will on May 12th, 2011 4:24 pm


    Yeah I've had about enough of these pip-squeaks anyway. If they have a problem about the way we're TRYING to get this a-hole out of office "by whatever means available" then come out and SAY IT!

    Want to get on a bandwagon? One that ultimately benefits YOU? Launch rockets or missles or whatever in clear sight of LAX once a week until His [former] supporters are BEGGING us to get rid of him!

    THEN maybe you guys got a shot at getting 'some' of your $$$'s back before He renders them totally worthless. If you're not willing to become part of the solution, sit yo' "S" in the back of the bus and STFU. Limited understanding of China's "ancient civilization" my @$$….

  3. Clu Seatoe on May 12th, 2011 5:57 pm

    Part One

    He may be closer to being right than you know on some fronts.

    I’m afraid that the conservatives are still under the impression that they need to be the “Mr. Nice Guy” in interviews. MEALY-MOUTHED COWARDS.

    I saw a nerf-terview on Fox with one candidate and the nerf-terviewers kept using terms like “a lot of people are saying…”, “some people are…”, “there are those who are…” rather than saying straight up that the disinformation is being perpetrated by “THE LEFT”, “THE SOCIALISTS” or “THE MSM.”


    For crying out loud, what are these people afraid of??! I can’t say that type of interview doesn’t happen with Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity because I don’t hear all of their interviews, but I can’t remember the last time.

    Why have fear of attributing a quote or putting the blame where it belongs. And then the candidates will rag on Mao (and rightly so I believe) for showing weakness to the nation and the world by what he does or doesn’t say or do which is exactly what they are doing re: their positions.

  4. Clu Seatoe on May 12th, 2011 7:05 pm

    Part Two

    I watched an interview where the person said that spring of 2011 is too early to declare. I guess what that means is, I can’t afford to campaign for a year and a half. Mao is already in full campaign mode, on the taxpayer’s dime, and he has a year and a half to go. Who and what, exactly are the conservatives afraid of??


    My response to the, “I can’t afford…” statement is: “WHAT’S IN YOUR HEAD, LADY??!! Every time you open your mouth you’re quoted (or miss-quoted) by the MSM. You need to use that! If you stand up behind a podium the media will bring their microphones and stick them in your face and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

    Again, why don’t you use that? Your tweets are quoted, your Facebook is quoted, and your web site is quoted. All you have to do is open your mouth, say something and you will be quoted. Just SAY SOMETHING and you’re campaigning!

    GET. A. DAMN. BACKBONE. OR KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. IT WON’T HURT!! And people will rally to you.

  5. SignPainterGuy on May 12th, 2011 7:36 pm

    Excellent post Clu . One of my biggest peeves is begging for money to campaign ! Show up where people are and start talking and people will hear and quote you. Your message will get out. Travel is the only expense you can`t escape completely ! Ads can be tailored down !

  6. Marshall_Will on May 12th, 2011 8:22 pm

    Clu…! ( Parts I & II ! )

    Not to hang ten on your hang five but why doesn't Fox just DROP the whole Fair & Balanced thing and say…

    "After we dump this a-hole on his keister ( and I mean HARD ) we can all get back to F & B. But right now, this is WAY… too important. As Newt notes, Obamie has a $BIL, SEIU in his hip pocket, Hollyweird, Soros oh… and he'll be the incumbent!

    Make a major announcement of it! Why not? The rest of the LSM is so clearly in the tank for Obeyme, I don't hear 'them' apologizing for it? Of course Liberals will scream unfair or that Fox is just coming out of the closet or whatever. Who CARES! Like MM said: "Apocalypse Now!"

  7. Matthew on May 12th, 2011 5:20 pm

    And they live in 57 states!

  8. SignPainterGuy on May 12th, 2011 10:06 pm

    Give me "simple" every time ! Just automatically take everything the left says and does as the opposite of the truth and go from there. It`s so much simpler ! Easier too and requires no analyzing ! Oh, and watch the "other" hand !

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