The Democrats Trump usually donates money to are rejoicing!

I was hoping The Donald would hang around long enough to liven up a few GOP debates, but that’s not going to happen:

For Immediate Release:
New York, New York: May 16, 2011

After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the Presidency. This decision does not come easily or without regret; especially when my potential candidacy continues to be validated by ranking at the top of the Republican contenders in polls across the country. I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election. I have spent the past several months unofficially campaigning and recognize that running for public office cannot be done half heartedly. Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.

The rest is here.

Trump was dropping quickly in the polls, although he wasn’t about to acknowledge that.

Shoot… there goes our chance to have a president who calls the Chinese leadership “motherf—-rs” (say what you want, but it’s better than bowing to them).

(h/t Michelle Malkin)


11 Responses to “Trump Drops Possible Presidential Bid to Spend More Time with Himself”

  1. Joe Redfield on May 16th, 2011 5:22 pm

    Six 'I's and two 'my's in fiove sentences; that sounds Presidential in terms of the incumbent. Maybe El Donaldo should challenge El Presidente in the Democratic primarys.

  2. Joe Redfield on May 16th, 2011 5:22 pm

    That should read 'five' sentences, lest you think TheLiberalMedia is back.

  3. Joe Redfield on May 16th, 2011 5:23 pm

    And I suppose it should be'primaries'.

  4. SignPainterGuy on May 16th, 2011 6:56 pm

    You`re probably right; the Donald, aka; El Donaldo (I like that) usually likes the exotic sounding names for his female accompaniment; Mary sounds too average `merican !

  5. VaGal on May 16th, 2011 6:58 pm

    Well, I am a bit disappointed to see the entertainment come to an end so soon. It will be interesting to see if Trump stumps for the Republican nominee or will try to undermine the candidate (in subtle ways, of course) instead. Hope you had a good time, Donald. Now you can add "pretended I was going to run for President" to your resume.

  6. ReaganiteGOPer on May 16th, 2011 7:40 pm

    He surely would have enriched the debate, particularly on Iran/Iraq, important to me -as it should be to everyone- nobody wants to talk about it but Trump and Bolton

    And would you rather watch Huckabee play bass/Newt stepping in it… or Trump rip Obama a new one?

    I dunno if he could have been a good president, but Melania would fit the bill for First Lady in my book, yowza lol

  7. swede on May 16th, 2011 11:04 pm

    I just wonder how much he has to pay someone to mold his hair into helmet head every morning.

  8. joyannaadams on May 16th, 2011 11:38 pm

    I'm crushed…:)

  9. OK_Loyalist on May 16th, 2011 11:41 pm

    He's got the iron-on rug… it adheres and combs over all one pressing.

  10. Marshall_Will on May 17th, 2011 12:22 pm


    Excellent point! We need to share that w/ The Donald's camp ASAP! That would be way… more interesting! And a hop, skip and a jump for Trump?

    We could argue that given Obie is currently Obie's worst enemy, breaking his 'stride' is the -last- thing we'd want to do right now. More rope! But having to beat back DT with a whip and chair for the duration would provide all the distraction we'd need to keep him from further "implementing His agenda".

    Like the way you think!

  11. imoforpcs on May 2nd, 2017 4:20 pm

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