John Edwards Meets Privately With Uber-Wealthy Former Donor, Possibly Begs Shamelessly


Operation “Oh please God keep my fine self outta prison” is underway:

Multiple sources at the estate of Rachel “Bunny” Mellon confirm to ABC News that the former North Carolina senator met Mellon today for lunch at her sprawling compound in Northern Virginia.

The purpose of the visit is unclear, but it is sure to raise eyebrows with federal investigators who have spent more than two years scrutinizing Mellon’s contributions to Edwards and his presidential campaign. Attorneys for Edwards did not respond to requests for comment.

Mellon, heir to a banking fortune, donated more than $4 million dollars to political organizations and non-profits tied to Edwards’ 2008 run and also provided more than $700 thousand that prosecutors believe was funneled to the effort to support and seclude Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter. Mellon’s attorney has described those payments as gifts and has said that Mellon was unaware of how the money was used.

The problem for Edwards is that it isn’t easy to convince a billionaire to help him with what he has to work with, which is a diminishing fortune, zero political clout and even less public relations value. There’s no way that anybody Edwards knows is going to risk more trouble by giving him even as much as soap on a rope at this point, let alone agree to lie for him… is there?

And if Mellon won’t help, next stop: Pink Sapphire!

Author: Doug Powers

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