Rep. Weiner Claims His Social Media Was Hacked and That’s Not His Wiener

From the “No matter what happened here, if this were a Republican it would be news by now” department we find this…

Liberal Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner claimed, very much in passing, that he was the victim of a hacking after what appeared to be a photo outtake from a Cialis ad was linked from his Twitter account.

Big Journalism explains:

This evening a photo surfaced on Congressman Weiner’s yfrog account and in his verified Twitter timeline of a man in his underwear with an erection. The photo was reportedly sent to a woman on Twitter. We’ve protected her name and her account, which was at one time verified to be active but has since been deleted after the photo in question was deleted. Coincidentally, the rest of the photos in the congressman’s alleged yfrog account were also deleted around 11 p.m. eastern.

Here’s a picture of the raging Weiner in question:


Wait — that’s the wrong raging wiener. You can see the actual photo here. Don’t worry — whoever it is at least has underwear on.

Seems like an odd photo for a hacker to use, no? You’ve got one crack at embarrassing a member of Congress and that’s the best you can do? But you never know. The photo account and Tweet were deleted and so far Weiner hasn’t made much mention of it on his Twitter account other than to mention a Facebook hack (which is strange since this seems connected to Twitter and not Facebook).

If I were the Congressman, I’d be making a much broader announcement of “I was hacked! That’s not me!” First of all, I wouldn’t want to be associated with a picture that looks like somebody dropped a pack of Lifesavers down the front of some Fruit of the Looms.

Update: Patterico has more on Weiner’s tweets and some coincidences.

Doug Ross thinks Weiner might have gotten the “direct message” feature mixed up with the actual Tweet function. That mistake is easier to make if there’s not much blood left in your brain.

Ironic Surrealism has more, including the woman that picture was sent to — not that the media won’t give it a collective yawn — even though Weiner is married to Hillary’s former aide.

Author: Doug Powers

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