For Those of You Keeping Score At Home, Obama is ‘Part of Poland’ Now

Barack Obama, one-man United Nations:

In Ireland, he drank a beer with the residents of Moneygall, birthplace of his maternal great-great-great-grandfather, and electrified a downtown audience in Dublin in need of cheering up after years of recession.

In Britain, Obama and the first lady, Michelle, lodged at Buckingham Palace and, at the nine-century-old Westminster Hall, he presented himself to Parliament as “the grandson of a Kenyan who served as a cook in the British army.” The audience erupted in applause.

And here in Poland he acknowledged that he shares its heritage, if only through cultural osmosis.

“I am part of Poland because I come from Chicago,” he said. “And if you live in Chicago and you haven’t become a little bit Polish, then something’s wrong with you.”

And that’s why you never see a community organizer without a bowl of perogies.

Speaking of Obama’s trip to Ireland, there is now video evidence that the prez can’t handle his alcohol:

Author: Doug Powers

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