Harvard Study: 4th of July Parades Favor Republicans

Fourth of July parades — American flag waving, tradition embracing, God fearing, gun firing, bomb exploding, US military appreciating celebrations of the founding of the United States of America. Gee, what problem would a liberal have with that?

Harvard decided to point out the obvious though:

A new Harvard University study finds that July 4th parades energize only Republicans, turn kids into Republicans, and help to boost the GOP turnout of adults on Election Day.

“Fourth of July celebrations in the United States shape the nation’s political landscape by forming beliefs and increasing participation, primarily in favor of the Republican Party,” said the report from Harvard.
Their findings also suggest that Democrats gain nothing from July 4th parades, likely a shocking result for all the Democratic politicians who march in them.

The only 4th of July parade tradition I can think of that could turn kids into liberals — at least in my town — is that kids show up to get free candy. That’s got “Hope & Change” written all over it.


The three key findings of those attending July 4th celebrations:

•When done before the age of 18, it increases the likelihood of a youth identifying as a Republican by at least 2 percent.

•It raises the likelihood that parade watchers will vote for a Republican candidate by 4 percent.

•It boosts the likelihood a reveler will vote by about 1 percent and increases the chances they’ll make a political contribution by 3 percent.

What’s more, the impact isn’t fleeting. “Surprisingly, the estimates show that the impact on political preferences is permanent, with no evidence of the effects depreciating as individuals become older,”said the Harvard report.

Those percentages might even seem a little low, but remember, for reasons I outlined in the opening sentence, there probably aren’t a ton of libs who go to July 4th parades, so there aren’t as many potential political converts as a result. We’ll now await the ACLU to file suit to demand that 4th of July parades be made “fair” by allowing leftist organizations to participate with floats that run down the country and castigate traditional American values.

My liberal friends need not worry though, because there are still parades that favor the left over the right.

John Kerry (D-aNang): I Coulda Been a Great President!


“John Kerry reporting for delusion“:

Former presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) thinks he could have done a good job leading the country.

“I would have been a good president,” he said Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “Imus in the Morning.” “Maybe even a great one.”

Kerry stopped short of agreeing with host Don Imus’s assertion that a President Kerry would have been “better than the guy we have now.”

Kerry added:

President Obama is not in trouble “yet” on the economy, Kerry said.

Agreed… Obama’s not in trouble on the economy until election day next year.

By the way, have Thurston and Lovey paid Massachusetts the taxes they were dodging on the SS Hypocrite yet?

Michele Bachmann Gets the Age of One of Her Own Kids Wrong! What a Moron!

It’s unbelievable that Michele Bachmann is doing as well in the polls as she is, because she’s so unbelievably dopey.

Her most recent gaffe was forgetting the age of one of her own children! Can you imagine? This is going to be all over the network nightly newscasts tonight! Chris Matthews is going to have a field day with this!

Man, what an idio… what? Really? Obama was the one who did that?

Damn, the MSM will have to find a different “top story” tonight…

Obama: Up Your Game, America!

President Obama, as usual, is blaming the victims of his economic theories instead of those who implemented them.

The lousy economic outlook just can’t be the fault of the president, Democrats and their brilliant economic advisers whose ideas only work on chalkboards at Coloumbia or the University of Chicago, can it?

Of course not… it’s America that’s slacking:

The plant has re-hired the workers it laid off during the recent recession and is eying an expansion, said Obama, who pushed a broader theme of American resilience.

“You had to up your game,” Obama said to the workers. “And that’s what we’ve got to do as a country as a whole. I want the cars and planes and wind turbines of the future to bear the proud stamp that says ‘Made in America.'”

This calls for a bumper sticker:


Obama’s Iowa Lunch Stop Strictly Adheres to Items Found on USDA ‘Lunch Plate’

That is of course as long as the USDA Dinner Plate is loaded with hamburger, fries, hash browns, Texas toast, chili and cheese sauce so you can’t read the words:


While Todd and Sarah Palin dined at Panera elsewhere in Iowa, the President Obama had an impressive “Let’s Moo-ve” lunch at a place called Ross’ Restaurant in Bettendorf:

Obama might not want to tell First lady Michelle Obama, who runs an anti-obesity campaign, that he ate at a place best known for serving mountains of greasy food.

Ross’ restaurant is known for dishes called “Mountains”; their signature dish is the Magic Mountain: Texas grilled toast, hamburger meat, French fries or hash browns and cheese sauce.
The president bought Magic Mountains for three customers in the restaurant, and brought four Magic Mountains and two Volcanos (the Magic Mountain with the addition of chili) back to traveling companions.
Obama also challenged the accompanying members of the press to eat “the whole thing.” He called them “chickens” for not taking them up on the challenge.

Obama then told the fry cook that if he’d donate a hundred bucks to his campaign he could come and get some pointers from the White House chef. Just kidding… I think.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled lecture about the dire emergency that is childhood obesity and what we can all do to lead by example.

Obama: My Economic Policies Pulled the Country Back from the Brink

Where’s the White House speech transcriber who likes to write “(laughter)” when you need him?

In Iowa today:


9.1% unemployment, a $14.4 trillion debt, a $1.65 trillion deficit, record foreclosures, near record gas prices, 13 million unemployed, underemployment at 24 million and Barack Obama tells us his decisions have pulled the economy back from the brink.

That would appear to be what we’re expected to believe.

Sacrifice: FLOTUS’ Africa Trip Running Taxpayers Around $750,000

Sure, but keep in mind that the meeting with South Africa’s Minister of Prisons will reap dividends for the US for years to come (plus I heard she brought back some fat cakes & fries for us to watch her eat while we’re choking down our Let’s Move-mandated spinach).

Daily Mail:

While her husband continues to battle a flagging economy at home [and golf — DP], Michelle Obama’s ‘goodwill tour’ of Africa cost taxpayers an estimated $800,000, it has emerged.

According to Whitehousedossier.com the First Lady’s trip to South Africa and Botswana last week will certainly cost well over half a million dollars and could be as much as $800,000.

The cost of local transportation, Secret Service protection, food for her family and staff members, the cost of firing up ‘Air Force 2’ not to mention the pre-trip preparations would all have contributed to the final amount.

Hey, it was a small price to pay to go to Africa and meet with Oprah. Otherwise Michelle would have had to go all the way to Chicago to see her. Oh, wait…

But the good news is that FLOTUS, even though she gave taxpayers a bill for over a half million dollars, opted for “affordable fashion.” At least something was affordable.


First Lady Michelle Obama shares a laugh with comedian Bill Cosby former Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town, South Africa

Bachmann’s John Wayne Flub Won’t Harm Her Quest to Live in the White House; Updated

If a Democrat had said this there’s no way I wouldn’t have mentioned it, so in the spirit of bipartisanship, here we go…

With Chris Wallace’s “are you a flake” apology behind her, Michele Bachmann formally announced her presidential bid in Iowa today.

And then… well, read it for yourself:

Rep. Michele Bachmann kicked off her presidential campaign on Monday in Waterloo, Iowa, and in one interview surrounding the official event she promised to mimic the spirit of Waterloo’s own John Wayne.

The only problem, as one eagle-eyed reader notes: Waterloo’s John Wayne was not the beloved movie star, but rather John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer.

Mrs. Bachmann grew up in Waterloo, and used the town as the backdrop for her campaign announcement, where she told Fox News: “Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.”

I like Michele Bachmann, but she’s going to have to cool it on the goofs. However, something like that won’t affect whether or not I vote for her in the primary… I’d rather have somebody who doesn’t know where a movie star was born but who does know that massive debt spending is bad for an economy than the other way around.

This won’t do any long term damage to Bachmann. History proves that an unintentional brush with John Wayne Gacy doesn’t preclude you from living in the White House:


Update: As was mentioned in comments, John Wayne’s parents once lived in Waterloo, so maybe Bachmann assumed that John Wayne was also born there, but he wasn’t until his parents moved elsewhere in the state.

Update II: Funny how the left can take what was a research error or slip of the tongue at worst or an understandable honest mistake at best and turn it into serial killer worship. If the left wants a death cult all they need to do is spend a few hours with their pro-abortion zealots.

The point is that Bachmann is in Palin territory now — it doesn’t really matter what she says because the left will demonize it anyway. It was an interesting day, but move on and let them keep chattering about GOPers worshiping serial killers or whatever.

Nancy Pelosi Says Voters Will Blame ‘Incumbent’ Republicans for the High Unemployment Rate

First, we were down here for several hours. I haven’t been told the reason yet, but it’s been annoying enough lately to have me looking around for a new service provider.

Anyway, just because this site was down didn’t stop Nancy Pelosi from bringing the funny:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi framed her campaign argument against Republicans ahead of the 2012 elections, predicting the GOP will be blamed for the high unemployment rate.

“When the … unemployment rate is high, it’s hard for the incumbent to win,” Pelosi said in an interview with CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley. “I remind you though, we’re not the incumbent. The Republicans are the incumbent.”

Barack Obama heard that and said, “Yeah, voters will blame the Republicans who are the incumbe… wait, what?”

Pelosi lost her tenuous grip on reality years ago, but these days every word is a cry for a straight jacket. Sorry Nancy, but when you were stripped of your gavel in 2010, you were and are the “incumbent” who has helped dig a hole it’ll take generations to get out of, if ever. Look forward to more of the same in 2012.