Charles Rangel Stands Behind Anthony Weiner, Which is Certainly Safer Than Standing in Front of Him

At the moment, there can be no more welcome news for besieged Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-icktweet) than to hear that a beacon of integrity and ethics like Charles Rangel coming to his defense:

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D., N.Y.) tells NRO that he stands behind Rep. Anthony Weiner “100 percent” as the Twitter drama unfolds in Washington.

Rangel, who has been beset by scandalous charges in recent years, says that Weiner is likely the victim of a smear campaign. “It’s some kind of political game they’re playing,” he says. “I don’t know who did it, but that’s what they’re doing.”

That settles it then. Weiner definitely did something wrong.

Update: In a desperate attempt to make me confuse Anthony Weiner with Charlie Sheen, a porn star/stripper has come to the defense of Weiner.

Update II: Maybe Anthony and Charlie should team up for a live show — the “Violent Weiner of Truth” tour.

Update III: No matter how fun the jokes can be, let’s not forget the real reason Anthony Weiner is to be laughed at:


Uh huh.

Update IV: The funny just keeps on coming: Weiner now claims he “can’t say with certitude” if the crotch picture was of him. Jeez, how many guys in their underwear were at Weiner’s house that night? Seems like he’d at least recognize the skivvies. You’ve got to look at a lot of crotch shots to forget what your own looks like.

Oddly enough though, he’s still sticking to the “hacker” story:

Update V: Remember who officiated Weiner’s wedding?

Author: Doug Powers

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