The dandelions he picked for her a couple of days ago must have died.

NY Post:

Anthony Weiner thinks 23 bucks’ worth of bodega blossoms will make love bloom again for his humiliated wife.

The disgraced former congressman was spotted outside his Queens home yesterday toting a bouquet of cheap flowers for Huma Abedin, his pregnant spouse who endured weeks of lurid revelations about her husband’s sexting. He spent a whopping $22.97 on them at a bodega, according to the iPad publication The Daily.

But the gesture won’t work, experts told The Post.

“It’s ridiculous, and it could make her angrier,” said Elayne Rapping, a professor of American Studies at SUNY Buffalo. “He knows there are photographers and reporters outside of his house. He could have easily called up a florist and had flowers delivered to her — this seems to be more of a gesture for the press than for her. A way of him saying, ‘I’m being a good husband.’”

If he was using taxpayer money, you’d be looking at a few dozen casablanca lilies.

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