I don’t know, maybe it’s not uncommon — but for one of the guys in the “we all have to have some skin in the game” administration it seems like his little contribution could be to let the people who protect him and his family stay nearby for free. But that’s not the case: The […]

I’m hooked on this Marco Rubio dude… I wrote about his appearance a couple of weeks ago on Face the Nation, and now he’s outdone himself with today’s Senate floor speech. Pay attention especially at the 7:40 mark for John Kerry to ask for Rubio to yield some time to ask him some questions, and […]

Initially, Harry Reid wanted to extend the debt ceiling enough to get to the end of 2012 (so it’s not an election issue). Now magically that’s become spring of 2013: Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said on Friday his budget legislation would increase the nation’s borrowing authority until March, 2013 and reiterated that he would […]

Yesterday Tea Partiers in Congress were Hobbits, and today they’ve moved down a notch to terrorists. I just read an op-ed at Politico that is so over the top that I was convinced it had to be one of those pieces that uses absurdity to point out the absurd, so I kept reading and reading […]

According to Democrats, a foundering economy like this can be righted with tax increases: (Reuters) – The U.S. economy came perilously close to flat-lining in the first quarter and grew at a meager 1.3 percent annual rate in the April-June period as consumer spending barely rose. The Commerce Department data on Friday also showed the […]

Do you think John McCain actually wonders why he lost in 2008 or does he still really not get it? McCain has taken to the Senate floor to accuse Conservatives of “deceiving” Americans in their insistence upon pushing to attach a balanced budget amendment to any increase in the debt ceiling. This, according to McCain, […]

Botoxi the Clown — aka Nancy Pelosi — on today’s vote on the Boehner budget bill: “What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget,” she said. “We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.” What a delusional megalomaniac — but that’s our Stretch. Besides, we […]

Another attractive feature of a possible Palin presidency would be that the US might be able to get rid of a lot of over-rated Hollywood lefties. But I thought that with Bush too but it turns out most of them lied about leaving. In any case — run, Sarah, run! Comic-turned-TV presenter George Lopez has […]

I’m not saying God had a hand in this, but it’s possible: A woman’s cell phone ring tone to the song of “Crazy” went off about 25 minutes into Obama’s presentation and the owner scrambled to turn it off quickly. The only way that could have been funnier is if the ring tone tune went […]

In 2008, then-candidate Obama praised China’s “vastly superior” infrastructure and expressed a desire to rapidly bring that style of high-speed rail system and other infrastructure “improvements” to the United States. Later, the administration even dubbed Joe Biden as the “Conductor or the train to the future” (if that isn’t disturbing, nothing is). So how’s China’s […]

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