Fox News’ Political Twitter Feed Hacked

Happy Independence Day all!

And here’s a quick segue… Fox News’ political Twitter feed needs to declare independence from hackers:


And there are more where those came from. What’s strange is that as of this morning those Tweets haven’t been taken down.

It looks as if Fox News lost access to the site on June 30th — at least that’s the last time a “serious” news item was posted, and then somebody hacked in after that. But it’s weird that Twitter hasn’t removed them. Maybe the Secret Service is investigating and didn’t want them taken down yet. Who knows. In any case, enjoy your well-deserved cavity search, Mr. Hacker!

All I know is that seeing the words “President Joe Biden” isn’t the best way to start a morning.

Oh well. At least this “hack” didn’t involve a picture of Anthony Weiner’s johnson.

Update: Fox News released a statement on the hacking.

Author: Doug Powers

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