NY Mayor Bloomberg to Officiate Gay Wedding

Mayor Bloomberg has muscled his way into officiating one of the first gay weddings in New York:

New York City Michael Bloomberg will officiate his chief policy adviser’s wedding on July 24, the first day gays can marry in the state.

The New York Times reports that this week, Bloomberg called John Feinblatt, who works for the mayor at City Hall, and invited him for coffee in the office kitchen. Bloomberg said he wasn’t sure if Feinblatt and is partner, Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Jonathan Mintz, planned to get married. But if they did, and if they needed somebody to marry them, the mayor would “really love to.”

“The mayor and John popped the question,” Mintz told the Times.

Yep, Bloomberg popped the big question: “There’s not going to be any trans fatty foods or smoking allowed at the reception is there?”

I think Bloomie’s just looking for an excuse to wear this outfit again:


Author: Doug Powers

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