By the End of His Term, Obama Will Have Spent More Than All Other 43 Presidents Combined — Congratulations!


Well, at least he’s the best president at something!

The media likes to cite PolitiFact all the time when they’re debunking Michele Bachmann, but I’ll bet you don’t hear this one from the MSM at all: Mitt Romney recently said that by the end of his term, Obama will have racked up more public debt than all previous 43 presidents combined.

PolitiFact says Romney’s statement is mostly true.

The reason it’s only “mostly” true is because Obama’s term isn’t finished yet, and it’s hard to tell how much spending he and his cohorts will be able to ram through before voters send him and his teleprompter back to Chicago. Plus, there’s one out of three scenarios in which technically PolitiFact found Obama didn’t spend as much as the previous 43 presidents, but it’s close. Either way, the point is, Barack Obama’s presidency has been such a fiscal horror that the book about it will have to be written by Clive Barker.

Author: Doug Powers

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