Washington State Spends $27,000 on Video Reminding People to Pick Up Dog S*#t

The state of Washington is almost $70 billion in debt, which means that spending $27,000 on a YouTube video telling people to pick up dog s*#t really isn’t much in comparison:

The Seattle Times reports that a regional government partnership in Puget Sound received a $27,000 grant from the state’s Department of Ecology to produce a YouTube video encouraging people to, uh, pick up the poop.

The video was released by Puget Sound Starts Here, which describes itself as a partnership of 57 cities and counties dedicated to improving water quality in the Puget Sound area.

Produced by Peter Furia with Seedwell, the mock rap video features a spoof of Blackstreet’s 1990’s song “No Diggity.”

Here’s the video. By government standards, $27,000 doesn’t seem all that bad:

Hopefully the state saves money by using the same video to remind people to vote next election day — it’s the perfect metaphor.

Author: Doug Powers

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