Profiles in Homeland Security Profiling

J-Nap’s Department of Homeland Security has put out a new promotional video for the “If you see something, say something” campaign.

If you have a few minutes to throw away, check out the video. Janet Napolitano has said that focusing anti-terrorism efforts on Middle-Eastern looking men is “not good logic,” and judging from this video featuring various “suspicious activities,” she’s correct — almost all the people portrayed as potential terrorists in these hypothetical scenarios are white males. If anything you’d think they’d mix it up a bit in the name of inclusiveness.

Not only that, but as Paul Watson at Infowars points out, almost all of the “patriotic” Americans who report these suspicious caucasians are either black, Asian or Arab. Imagine the outrageous outrage if it were the other way around:

Michelle Malkin is reporting this morning about a DHS report warning of jihadis attempting to infiltrate US nuclear facilities.

The DHS will include this specific threat in their next video, except the Al Qaeda operative will be portrayed by a guy who looks like Donny Osmond.

Author: Doug Powers

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