Did Obama Shoot Down a Bi-Partisan Debt Deal?

Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo:

A Republican aide e-mails me: “The Speaker, Sen. Reid and Sen. McConnell all agreed on the general framework of a two-part plan. A short-term increase (with cuts greater than the increase), combined with a committee to find long-term savings before the rest of the increase would be considered. Sen. Reid took the bipartisan plan to the White House and the President said no.”

If that’s true, the Republicans should retreat to their initial Cut, Cap and Balance plan passed by the House and leave that on the table. Put the onus on Obama to either agree that the country needs to get serious about its debt, or let Obama risk running into the August 2nd wall and having the rest of America realize his “Armageddon” talk was a load of Pelosi. Let Obama be the one to explain to his base why he turned down a Boehner offer that included $800 billion in “revenue increases,” and now even his own party is reportedly working on deals that include no revenue increases. Obama seems to have really painted himself into a corner.

Update: Just heard a caller to Laura Ingraham say that the Republicans should take their plan to Pelosi, Reid and Obama but tell them they’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it. Heh.

Author: Doug Powers

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