More Laughs from the New York Times

The opening line from Stanley Greenberg’s op-ed in Saturday’s New York Times is a true progressive classic:

Barack Obama can’t catch a break from the American public on the economy, even though he prevented a depression and saved global capitalism.

For the most deserving effect, re-read that line and then hit “play” below:

Professional advice for Mr. Greenberg: Never open with your best joke. The Times is funnier than The Onion these days.

When you think “Obama,” you think “economic recovery” and “the man who saved capitalism,” don’t you?

One more laugh from the Times — this one’s from this morning’s editorial about the debt deal. The NYT definitely got the “hostage” memo concerning GOP demands in the debt deal that the entire MSM has been running with:

The rest of it is a nearly complete capitulation to the hostage-taking demands of Republican extremists.

It’s just amazing how the DNC can fire up the fax machine and suddenly have most of their pet parrots in the media repeating their talking points.

(h/t Doug Ross)

Author: Doug Powers

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