Chevy Volt Sales Hit New Low


In the spring and into the summer, Chevy Volt sales were very low, but GM attrituted that to a supply problem, which itself was laughable. And of course it turns out GM’s excuse is not entirely true — big surprise I know.

Taxpayers were really taken for a ride on this deal:

Sales of the much-hyped Chevy Volt fell to new lows as did GM share price as July auto sales figures came in. Only 125 Volts were sold during the month of July. Recent reports attributed the slump to supply constraints as GM spokeswoman, Michelle Bunker, was quoted as saying that the Volt was “virtually sold out” and only a “few” were available nationwide. I have confirmed that this statement is not entirely truthful and have gotten clarification from GM through Director of Communications, Greg Martin.

A search of site showed nearly 500 Chevy Volts listed for sale. I had originally assumed that GM dealers were advertising vehicles that were not actually available for sale, since GM has stated that there were only a “few” Volts available. I decided to call a few dealers within 75 miles of my location to determine what the true situation was. I stopped my research after finding that five of the first six dealers I called had Volts in inventory available for immediate sale. Two of the five dealers even had two each in stock. I can now safely assume that GM is, once again, not being entirely honest with its facts. The demand for the Chevy Volt is not as strong as GM would have us believe.

I’ll bet the private-sector demand isn’t even that high. Many of the “sales” of Volts have been because the government purchased them.

Mark Modica at the National Legal and Policy Center asks what I’m going to go ahead and assume is a rhetorical question:

Another question that arises is why the media is so gullible when it comes to reporting statements made by GM. The Chevy Volt comments are very easy to verify. It was not hard to get to the truth about the number of Volts available, why does the media spread the unfounded hype for the Chevy Volt? Why would the comment by GM on balance sheet cash go unchecked?

The mainstream media isn’t fact-checking what the Obama administration and its auto manufacturing wing are spoon-feeding them about the electric lemon? What a shock (pun partially intended).

But don’t worry — your tax dollars will still be thrown toward manufacturing the batteries… just in case somebody decides to start buying Volts. Either way the unions win (it wasn’t a coincidence that Obama was handed a $2.4 trillion blank check for the next 18 months and the first group he met with were union leaders).

Update: Just got this on Twitter: “If there’s a shortage of supply, it’s a shortage of supply of buyers”

Author: Doug Powers

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