Bookstore Stops Selling Obama ‘Disappoint-Mints’ After Dem Politician Complains


The libs are getting a little touchy about the meteoric plunge of their deity, aren’t they?

From The Blaze:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (The Blaze/AP) — The University of Tennessee bookstore has quit selling packages of breath mints that satirize President Barack Obama after a state legislator complained

The box bears a picture of Obama and is labeled “disappoint-mints.” Officials pulled the product after Democratic state Rep. Joe Armstrong visited the bookstore and told the manager he found the mints offensive.

He should have been told to go pound sand — or better yet, the manager should have agreed to pull them from the shelf and then replaced them with “Impeach-mints.”

I hear Dissapoint-Mints mints are perfect for getting the Satan sandwich smell off your breath.

The fact that these were being sold at a university bookstore is a little surprising — this would be unheard of in many college bookstores.

Author: Doug Powers

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