Meghan McCain Like, Totally Endorses Mitt Romney Cuz He’s Like, Moderate & Stuff — I’m Serious You Guys!

The announcement the nation was waiting for has been made. But enough about the debt ceiling agreement — in other news, Meghan McCain has endorsed Mitt Romney:

On Monday, Meghan McCain told Kennesaw State University that she wants Mitt Romney, not Sarah Palin, to be the next president.

As McCain explained, “My personal favorite right now is Mitt Romney. I like that he’s not so radical. I like that he has really, really played his cards right, almost perfectly since the last election” (as reported by Marietta Daily Journal).

McCain’s endorsement may be a double-edged sword for Romney. On the one hand, her endorsement is a boon because she chose him over her own father’s running mate. And McCain enjoys a devoted following among independents, moderate Republicans and young voters, which could help him with crucial swing voters.

McCain represents younger Republicans who don’t like their Republicans to be all Republicanny & stuff, or something like that.

Every time Meghan McCain said what she was looking for in a Republican candidate for 2012, she described somebody just like her father, and he got his ass kicked against Obama. I’m sure a political clone of John McCain would fare much better this time around.

As for me, I’m still endorsing this “generic” Republican, because he/she seems to have the best chance of defeating Obama.

Author: Doug Powers

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