Former Obama Econ. Advisor: ‘We’re F*#cked!’

This is even more pathetic coming from somebody who helped apply the lube (oh wait, they didn’t use any — nevermind). Click the pic for the video:



And anybody incompetent enough not to realize that this big Keynesian experiment has been a horrendous disaster isn’t qualified to flip burgers let alone design economic policy. In spite of that, Romer not only remains a Keynesian, but she seems to think Obama’s policies failed because they weren’t big enough:

Former head of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Obama and chief architect of the stimulus bill Christina Romer reacts to the news that Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+.

Romer tells HBO’s Bill Maher that she knew the debt problem was an “abysmal” one but felt it was one issue that could be sidelined while the country turned to Keynesian economics to bring the economy, what she hoped, into a recovery.

Romer has since left her White House position but is unapologetic about Keynesian economics. Romer said she felt that the stimulus should have been larger but Congress got in her way and prevented it. “Policy would be better if we listened to the experts,” an exasperated Romer told Maher.

Sure, Christina … call us if you know any.

After helping Obama pound a few nails in America’s economic coffin, Romer crawled back into the classroom where her idiotic ideas can always be made to work on the chalkboard.

Author: Doug Powers

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