Al Gore: Prophet (or is that ‘profit’?)


Al Gore’s latest sham is the “Climate Reality Project.”

If you need any more reason to believe that Gorebots are cult-like zombies, check out this interview with Maggie Fox, President and CEO of Eco-Scam, Inc. — er, I mean, the Climate Reality Project:

FOX: I think the notion of Vice President Gore as a divisive figure is a bit of a hoax, just like the people who are denying climate change. It’s a pre-frame, it’s a fabrication that suits those who want to keep the status quo. So if you have a prophet, if you have someone who has woken up to a particular challenge in the world and that person speaks, if that disrupts things, who is going to be and what are the voices going to be that say that person doesn’t have credibility? Those voices that don’t want that change … There are so many more voices clamoring to hear what he has to say that his right to speak and need to speak is more than made clear virtually every day.

YOUNG: Did you just refer to him as a prophet?

FOX: I think he is a prophet on climate change. I think he woke up to this issue in his earliest years, expected as other people learned about it that they would also wake up to its significance … His presumption as a young man was that once you heard the information the world would shift and start getting its act together, and that hasn’t happened.

Man, she’s chugging that Kool-Aid from a beer bong, isn’t she? But at least she’s getting paid to do it.

It “hasn’t happened” yet because people have realized Gore’s full of carbon-neutral horse sh#t, Maggie — and he’s starting to crack up — as false prophets often do.

Author: Doug Powers

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