Wisconsin Recall Election Day; Updated

Wisconsin is finally getting to a point where the state’s economy is in good shape and they’re responsibly digging their way out of debt — which of course means the left is pissed off.

The recall elections are upon us:

The latest chapter in Wisconsin’s turbulent politics is set to be written Tuesday as the state gets ready to hold recall elections that could result in Democrats wresting control of the state Senate back from Republicans.

Six state Republican senators are facing the possibility of being recalled as voters head to the polls in a key test of early voting strength in the battle over union rights in this traditionally liberal voting state.

Analysis by the nonpartisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign suggests as much as $30 million has been spent by outside groups in an attempt to win a divisive and intensely partisan local battle, now seen by many as a national barometer ahead of the 2012 elections.

Ahead of Tuesday’s elections, outside interest groups had outspent the candidates themselves 5 to 1, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Two Democrats are facing recall elections on August 16th, so it’s possible which way the state Senate ends up leaning might not be decided for another week. The good news is that even if voters give those two the boot, they’ve accumulated enough frequent lodger points at the Heritage Inn & Suites in Illinois to have a place to stay for the next couple of weeks.

Tabitha Hale has a good post at Red State entitled “Why Wisconsin Matters.” Give it a read here.

If you’re in Wisconsin, don’t forget to go vote — but just do it quietly please so you don’t wake up this guy.

Update: Michelle and I are keeping up on any news on the Wisconsin election over at her place. Head here and scroll down for the updates. And as always feel free to share whatever you hear going on in comments.

Update II: Dems fall one short of taking back the state legislature. This basically means that union/left-wing activists spent $30 million to get two state senate seats.

Author: Doug Powers

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