‘Al Gore for President’? Bullsh*t!

Yes, the bloom is fully off the rose of Change™. “Al Gore for President” is actually the title of an op-ed over at The Hill:

Let me be the first to propose a national movement to draft Al Gore for president in 2016, carry the banner of the New Frontier heritage of the Democratic Party, and mobilize to elect true Democrats to the House and Senate in 2012.

On the playing field of national politics, Gore is the conscience of the Democratic Party, the soul of what true Democrats stand for, and the fighting spirit that Democrats everywhere hunger for.

Why the progressive sprint back to the pasty, hypocritical and super-sized but yet comforting climes of the Goracle? A massive Hope & Change write-off:

Many of us worked our hearts out with the fierce urgency of progressive patriots and the soaring hope that the next New Frontier would have begun in January 2009. It did not. So be it.

It is understandable that those who worked the hardest for the great dream of 2008 are depressed. It is time for us to regroup, reassemble and renew the battle for what Ted Kennedy brilliantly called the causes that endure and the dreams that never die.

So hey, when your political dream candidate didn’t manage to materialize the gumdrops, rainbows and unicorns you were promised, why not re-hitch your wagon of Hope to somebody who’s growing more insane by the hour?

It’s funny how progressives like the person who wrote that are always claiming to be “looking to the future” to establish the “new frontier.” And how do they look to the future? By longing for Al Gore and Ted Kennedy.

Crazy Al might make some interesting State of the Union speeches though:

Author: Doug Powers

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