Obama Pats Government on the Back for Creating 150 Jobs at $2 Million Each


It’s one thing to be the chief architect of a horribly failed social experiment, but it’s another level of obliviousness to brag about it.

CNS News:

The economic stimulus, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, provided $2.4 billion in grants to advanced vehicle batteries technology. From that amount, $300 million in grants went to Johnson Controls to manufacture batteries.

According to the White House, thus far the firm has added 150 jobs because of the grant. That means the government spent about $2 million per job, but only if no more jobs are added.

If that’s “success” I don’t want to see what Obama considers an economic failure. It’s like watching the Captain of the Hindenburg stand on a smoldering field in Lakehurst and say, “Until I came along, half the passengers on this ship never even had the opportunity to roast a marshmallow, but thanks to me…”

Obama nevertheless took the opportunity to pat himself on the back:

Obama reminded the workers that the government made the jobs possible.

“What made this possible? The most important part is you,” said Obama. “Your drive, your work ethic, your ingenuity, your management, the grit and optimism that says we’ve got an idea for a new battery technology or a new manufacturing process and we’re going to take that leap. But what also made this possible are the actions that we took together as a nation through our government.”

Obama of course couldn’t say what didn’t make the jobs possible, which is demand for the product! So on top of the “stimulus” money, the government then has to spend billions buying the products nobody wants so they didn’t waste the money creating all the jobs. This is the liberal definition of “fiscal responsibility.”

Author: Doug Powers

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