Romney’s People Had Better Think of a Good Comeback to Jokes Like This

Did you see the debate last night? I watched it while flipping back and forth to the Tigers/Indians game and blogged about it a little bit.

Newt Gingrich kind of surprised me… in a good way. BUT, not enough to erase the picture in my head of him on the global warming loveseat with Nancy Pelosi. I thought Bachmann performed well through a spirited sparring session with Tim Pawlenty.

What surprised me a little was that Mitt Romney’s people didn’t think to prepare a comeback to “elitist” jokes that were sure to come his way. Instead Romney just stood there and took the arrow, welcoming the opportunity to move on quickly:

Team Romney had better think of some way to effectively respond to this, or the next debate there will be three of four of these kinds of cracks made. “I know you are but what am I” or “I’m rubber and you’re glue” would have been better than what Romney did.

Just got this on Twitter: “My response: ‘Being good at what I do hardly makes me an elitist!'”

There. Somebody’s already out-prepared several paid campaign consultants.

Author: Doug Powers

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