Video: Rick Perry Throws His Hat in the Ring — Plus, Iowa Straw Poll Winner Announced

It’s Iowa Straw Poll day, but also today, Texas Governor Rick Perry made a semi-official “I’m in” announcement — though some say a “formal” announcement will happen in Houston sometime next week. Perry’s entrance will make quite a dent in the numbers, barring any unforeseen campaign blunders or embarrassments of course.

One sticking point for Perry he’ll have to address is that in 1988 he was Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager. Perry’s since gotten increasingly conservative, and Gore’s gotten increasingly nuts.

As far as the overall GOP field, I remain in a “hold” pattern when it comes to backing any one person. It’s becoming clear there will probably be no single candidate I’m totally gung-ho about, but ultimately this is about defeating Barack Obama — hopefully with the most conservative candidate possible.

Here’s Perry’s speech today. Pardon the bizarre framing but it’s the only video I could find of the entire speech:


Update: Michele Bachmann wins the Iowa Straw Poll.

Author: Doug Powers

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