Obama Approval Below 40% for the First Time


The “Bin Laden Bounce” never really came to fruition, but the “Stimulus Skid” is all-too real:

President Obama’s summer woes have dragged his approval rating to an all-time low, sinking below 40% for the first time in Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

New data posted Sunday shows that 39% of Americans approve of Obama’s job performance, while 54% disapprove. Both are the worst numbers of his presidency.

Obama’s approval rating has hovered in the 40% range for much of 2011, peaking at 53% in the weeks following the death of Osama bin Laden.

I don’t think the “Tea Party downgrade” thing is selling as well as they’d like either (though some appreciate it), which is why Obama has taken to blaming everybody not named Barack Obama for all our problems. I’d expect nothing less from a president with a plaque on his desk that reads “The Buck Stops There.”

Author: Doug Powers

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