Obama Bus Tour to Stop at Economically Healthy Towns in Order to Figure Out Why His Policies Haven’t Ruined Them Yet


The president is on the ground in the mid-west, and Downgrade One, one of the new $1.1 million buses, has been fired up to begin the absolutely non campaign-related bus tour.

I thought this was kind of ominous:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Monday that Obama will not outline a specific economic proposal but will be listening to Americans’ ideas about how to repair the economy. He said the president is visiting areas with relatively low unemployment to find out what’s working.

Can’t he do that when he’s on Martha’s Vineyard later this week?

In actuality, he’s visiting areas of relatively low unemployment to spare himself from being exposed to some really bad photo ops and pissed-off people. Even so, I’m guessing the areas he visits that are working won’t be working for long now that Obama’s focused on “helping” them.

Here’s a picture from the first townhall stop that is still going on as I write (video here):


That body of water behind him is known as “Sh*t Crick” — but don’t worry, TOTUS can double as a paddle.

I knock Romney quite a bit, but I have to give his campaign credit for coining the term “Magical Misery Tour.”

Update: Remind me not to hire any “financial planner” who thinks Obama’s doing a good job on the economy:

“I think he’s doing a good job. He inherited a very big deficit,” said Bob Sixta, a financial planner from Rochester.

Author: Doug Powers

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