Starbucks CEO Calls for Boycott on Campaign Donations; Democrats Hardest Hit

A lot of these “calls for bipartisanship” coming from private sector “no labels” types are just liberals expressing how disappointed they are in the Democrats they’ve been supporting but who can’t quite bring themselves to say it. Case in point, the CEO of Starbucks:

(CBS News) NEW YORK – The chairman of Starbucks is calling for a boycott on campaign donations to incumbents in Washington until President Obama and Congress find agreement on the deficit.

In an open letter Howard Schultz wrote “the government needs discipline, the people need jobs – and leaders need to lead. Our country is better than this.”

According to Newsmeat, since 2000, Schultz has given almost $100,000 to politicians and party causes — all of it to Democrats.

Somebody who has only given money to one party in the past decade-plus is disappointed that his money didn’t help fund bi-partisan cooperation? Sure.

Fun fact: I once treated a group of friends to Starbucks and within five minute I hit my debt ceiling.

(h/t Mediaite)

Author: Doug Powers

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