Chris Matthews Says Obama Needs to Offer an Alternative to Capitalism (He Hasn’t Yet?)

What planet has Cap’n Legthrill been on for the past 30 months? Wherever it is, he hasn’t returned and obviously never will.

Video by way of Newsbusters:


Here’s another Matthews quote from that same rant:

He or she will say that the smart move is to have Washington pull back into a cocoon of small activity and leave the mighty corporate world, which we’ve been recently assured is just people like us with all the good intentions of mankind, all the compassion and human concern and of course looking out for one’s fellow man,

I have to laugh whenever Tingles trash-talks “corporate America.” Hey, sure, it’s not perfect, but who the f*#k does Matthews think signs his paycheck? Gandhi?

Only people like Chris Matthews who work for smaller, socially responsible, completely altruistic business collectives that aren’t motivated purely by the allure of the almighty dollar — like, say, Comcast — can be free from the bonds of the evil corporate America and do good works on behalf of the downtrodden.

Author: Doug Powers

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