Thomas Friedman Said ‘Too Soon to Tell’ if Media in the Tank for Obama on Same Day Obama Visited Home of Comcast CEO

Yesterday I had a good laugh when I heard New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman say it’s “way too soon to tell” if the media was too caught up in the wave of Hope & Change™ to properly vet Obama in 2008, leaving America in unqualified socialist hands.

Right on cue on the same day, this press pool report from Martha’s Vineyard was released:

-Motorcade peeled out of Blue Heron Farms at 5:15 p.m. with Potus and Valerie Jarrett in tow.

-After ten minutes we made an abrupt left turn on John Cottle Rd. — an unpaved, deeply rutted eight-foot-wide private path hemmed in by ivy, scrub oak and big, scary boulders.

-After bottoming out four times — we’re talking two-foot holes in a sand-and-gravel road, along with one hairpin turn — Potus and Ms. Jarrett arrived at West Tisbury home of their friends Brian and Aileen Roberts, Josh Earnest informs us. It was 5:30 p.m.

-Our driver says Mr. Roberts is a big-time Comcast executive. Earnest confirms.

UPDATE: (Greta)
-Brian Roberts, who is hosting POTUS, is indeed the CEO of Comcast, parent of MSNBC

Obama no doubt stopped by to thank Roberts for keeping NBC so unbiased in 2008, and to offer him encouragement to make sure his network has the same level of non-partisanship in 2012.

Update: Friedman knows the media isn’t in the tank for Obama, because Obama told him so when they were playing golf.

Author: Doug Powers

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