Jon Huntsman Calls for ‘Shared Sacrifice’ (Where Have We Heard That Before?)

Jon Huntsman, the Obama administration’s former Ambassador to China and an alleged Republican who is allegedly running for president, is going to be sued by Obama for copyright infringement if he’s not careful.

Democrats already love him (and he hearts them back), but now that he’s calling for “shared sacrifice” the Dems are going to get Chris Matthews-style leg thrills:


Where have we heard that “shared sacrifice” BS before? Oh yeah, from the guy currently golfing on the Vineyard and his wife who has reportedly spent about $10 million of taxpayers money on vacations all around the world.

Brilliant timing on your parroted empty rhetoric, Huntsman.

Maybe I’d be a little less putt off by him if he didn’t give off such a mortician vibe.

Author: Doug Powers

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