100 Protest Proposed Federal Workforce Cut on a Friday Morning, Thus Proving How Indispensable They Are… or Something

And they’re demonstrating at the office of a “presidential candidate” who shows up as a hash mark in the polls? They don’t have much to worry about from McCotter as far as his being elected president goes, but this bunch might want to re-think their strategy for showing taxpayers that they’re a necessary expense if they’ve got time to protest on a Friday morning:

Plymouth Township— About 100 protesters blew whistles, waved American flags, chanted and pounded on the windows of the office of Livonia Congressman Thaddeus McCotter Friday morning, protesting the Republican presidential candidate’s support to cut 10 percent of the federal workforce.

The protesters, from We Are the People, AFL-CIO, American Federation of Government Employees and other unions, argued McCotter’s cuts would cost 2,000 jobs in his 11th district, resulting in the loss of $80 million in revenues.

Protesters held signs reading, “Don’t Destroy My Pension and the American Dream,” “More Jobs, Less Excuses,” and “You Vote for War and Cut Jobs.”

And here’s the next Obama economic advisor:

“America wants to work,” AFL-CIO member Saundra Williams said. “Just listen to what people are shouting: Good jobs! They want good jobs, better jobs. Not just jobs where the company only cares about profits and not the payroll of its employees.”

“Idiot of the Day” isn’t a high enough honor, so we’ll have to think of something else.

Author: Doug Powers

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