Eco-Kook Seeks Replacement Name for ‘Homo-Sapiens’

This guy needs a hobby:

For about 250 years, our species has been known as Homo sapiens, a scientific name in Latin that means “wise man.”

Given the havoc humans are wreaking on natural systems, putting ourselves and so many other living things in peril, we don’t deserve this name, contends Julian Cribb, an Australian science writer and book author. In a letter published in the Aug. 18 issue of the journal Nature, Cribb makes a proposal.

“Changing our species name might risk infringing some of the hallowed rules of nomenclature, but it would send an important signal about our present collective behavior,” he writes.

Cribb has no suggestion for a new name, “because I want humanity at large to discuss this issue — not just scientists,” he said in an email to

The needle on the loon-meter really flickered into the red zone when he cited material in Al Gore’s “Earth in the Balance” as a motivator for his effort:

Cribb’s brief proposal cites a study published in Nature in 2009 that suggests humans must avoid crossing “planetary boundaries” — thresholds set within arenas such as climate change, biodiversity loss and chemical pollution — to avoid catastrophic consequences. The authors of the study suggested that of the 10 systems represented, humans had already gone too far in three. [Earth in the Balance: 7 Crucial Tipping Points]

Whenever Al Gore is placed on any balance scale, you’ve reached a tipping point, and probably subsequent floor collapse.

Okay, a replacement for “Homo sapiens”? How about “‘Not that there’s anything wrong with that’ sapiens”?

“Al Gore Kool Aid chugging sapiens”?

“‘What the hell happened to Hope & Change’ sapiens”?

Author: Doug Powers

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