Government was invented so f*#k-ups like this would have a place to practice their craft during their brief excursions outside academia. Their slapstick incompetence might actually be funny if they weren’t playing with our money: Energy Secretary Steven Chu acknowledged Thursday making the final decision to allow a struggling solar company to continue receiving taxpayer […]

Nothing like intentionally inviting another great depression in order to harden us up again. CBS News: President Obama said Thursday the United States “had gotten a little soft” before he took office and needs to regain its competitive edge in the global economy because opportunities for younger Americans are not as plentiful as they were […]

In reference to GOP candidate RIck Perry’s wife speaking out on her husband’s behalf, ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd said this today on Good Morning America: “…Any time you have a wife go out on the trail, you know that you- basically, the campaign’s in trouble.” Like clockwork, the next thing I ran across was […]

Who is better qualified to discuss getting horny over a candidate or potential candidate than the MSNBC host who considers Barack Obama and Cialis to be synonymous? In this clip, Matthews puts up more straw men than a Nebraska corn farmer, one of them by implying that all Republicans are upset with their field of […]

This Frank Drebin picture is going to get quite a workout in the coming months, so get used to it: We’ve known previously that “clean energy” projects involving Obama’s campaign donors and even Nancy Pelosi’s brother in law have received huge government loans to start companies that even many in the administration knew would do […]

Finish investigating the Solyndra debacle before continuing to shell out billions in taxpayer loans for “clean energy” startups? Eh, what for? The Energy Department announced Wednesday that is has finalized more than $1 billion in loan guarantees for two separate solar projects. The decision comes several weeks after Solyndra, a California-based solar manufacturer, received a […]

When I ran across the headline at the Raleigh News & Observer that said N. Carolina Governor Perdue had “joked” about suspending upcoming elections until the economy can be turned around, I started reading the story waiting for the part that made it clear that she was joking. I still haven’t found it: “You have […]

WASHINGTON DC (TPTB News): When it was announced that President Obama would be making a trip to California, Washington and Colorado, the White House released the following map featuring the three states included in the President’s tour: Eagle-eyed bloggers immediately noticed that a state highlighted as one to be visited by Obama was in fact […]

What an appropriate comparison: MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — President Barack Obama’s chief political adviser on Tuesday conceded that a dark cloud looms over the American economy and Obama’s political future, describing the president’s road to a second term in the White House as “a Titanic struggle.” “We have the wind in our face because the […]

As you read this story, don’t forget to thank your lucky stars that Al Gore is here to help make sure the United States also does its part to save the world from global warming: KICUCULA, Uganda — According to the company’s proposal to join a United Nations clean-air program, the settlers living in this […]

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